Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted
(Another Activity Permission)

If you intend to engage activities with income which is not permitted from your previous visa, you  need to obtain a permission before starting it. Otherwise, it is regarded as an illegal work.

Such as:

  • A Student visa holder or A Dependent visa holder wants to have a part-time job.

  • An Engineer visa holder works as a teacher at a language school on weekend.

The "activities with income" means you will be paid regularly. 

So if an engineer visa holder gave a lecture at an event and took a fee only for one time, the permission is not required for this case.


1. Students or Dependent Visa holders

These types of visas are NOT permitted to work.

So in this case, you are required to obtain "Another Activity Permission". 

Under this permission you are allowed to work 28 hours per week including simple labor.

(For example: working in a convenience store or a restaurant)

This is a comprehensive permission meaning you can engage in any type of employment other than in the amusement and entertainment industry.

2. Work related Visa holders

You are not required to apply for "Another Activity Permission"  for the intended activity as long as it's the same kind of employment permitted by your current visa .

If it's not, you have to obtain the permission. And for this case the "Another

Activity Permission" is effective for only the activity for which you apply. This means you need to apply each time you change the part-time job or activity.




​No charges from the immigration office


Q1. Can I work for 28 hours each per week with 2 companies?

A1. No, you can't.

      It is possible to work with more than 2 companies but it has to be within 28 hours per week

      all together.




Q2. Is it possible to work at a night club inside of the kitchen?  No services to the customer directly.

A2. No, it's not.

      It's not allowed to work in amusement and entertainment industry even if you don't see

      customers at all.


Q3. What will happen if I do another activity without the permission?

A3. 「To be punished with imprisonment for not more than 3 years or a fine not exceeding 

          3 million yen, or imposition both.」

        This punishment will be given to your employer as well.

Who needs this permission?

In both cases, the activities must be operated under the following conditions:

1. The intended activity should not prevent the main activity of  your Visa.

2. No Amusement and entertainment businesses (such as sex industry, bar, night club, pachinko etc) 

Required documents to apply
FAQ for Another Activity Permission
  • Application form 

  • A document that proves the intended activity as indicated on the application form  

  • Passport and residence card (or alien registration certificate deemed equivalent to a residence card)