Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

If a foreign national intends to enter Japan with a visa other than "Temporary Visitor", to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility before leaving their home country is the most common way in these days.

The person who is the on your behalf of the foreign national in Japan apply for COE to the regional immigration office.

And the Minister of Justice shall examine beforehand whether the said the foreign national meets the conditions for landing and also relating to the visa and activities intending to based on said foreign national's application.

With a Certificate of Eligibility, inspections pertaining to visa issuance at a Japanese consulate can be performed quickly (in 5 business days in general).

Additionally, landing inspection will be simple and quick at the air port of entry.

A Certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Minister of Justice after the examination. 

 (The examination takes 1-3 months).

The certificate will expire in 3 months from issued date in the case that you never enter Japan.

General flow to obtain a COE from outside of Japan

1. Prepare COE application form and supporting documents.


2. Submit the documents to the regional immigration office by on your behalf (such as your family, employer, educational institute and immigration lawyer).



3. The regional immigration office issue a COE and send it to on your behalf.



4. On your behalf deliver the COE to you.


5. Submit visa application form to enter Japan with your COE at Japanese Consulate in your residence area.


6. Your visa is issued.


7. Enter to Japan with your visa and COE.

Required Documents for Applying COE
  • Application form

  • Photo    (3 x 4 cm)

  • Supporting documents (Depending on the application conditions. such as documents certifying the activities, certificate of registration of the company and educational diploma etc.)