Highly skilled Professional

What is a "Highly Skilled Professional"?

The "Points-based System for Highly skilled Professionals" was introduced in 2014.

There are 3 categories to classify the activities which are called "Highly-Skilled Professional Ⅰ-(a), (b) and (c)".

In addition to this, there is a "Highly-Skilled Professional Ⅱ" which is for the person who engaged in activities of "Highly-Skilled Professional Ⅰ" for 3 years or more.

According to characteristic features of each category of the activities, points are assigned to each item such as "academic background", "professional career" and "annual salary".  If the total amounts to over 70 points, "Highly Skilled Professional" visa (status of residence) with preferential immigration treatment will be granted to the person.

It is a requirement to re-apply each time the person intends to change their sponsoring organization.

  • Grant of the "5 years" period of stay ( An indefinite period of stay for "Highly-Skilled Professional Ⅱ” )

  • Permission for multiple activities

  • Easing of requirements for permanent residence (apply after 3 years, or 1 year with 80+ points)

  • Permission to bring your parent(s) or parents in-law to Japan under certain conditions

  • Permission to bring a domestic worker from another country under certain conditions 

  • Preferential processing of entry and residence procedures



  • Highly-Skilled Professional Ⅰ-(a) 

Activities engaging in research, research guidance or education based on a contract entered into with a public or private organization in Japan.

  • Highly-Skilled Professional Ⅰ-(b)

Activities engaging in work requiring specialized knowledge or skills in the field of natural sciences or humanities based on a contract entered into with a public or private organization in Japan.

  • Highly-Skilled Professional Ⅰ-(c) 

Activities  engaging in the operation or management of a public or private organization in Japan.

In general this procedure takes between 3 weeks and  2 months

Preferential immigration treatment for Highly-Skilled Professional
The 3 categories of activities of Highly Skilled Professionals
Required documents for apply 
  • Application form     1 copy

  • Photo                                     

  • A point calculation form

  • Documents of evidence of the points

  • Supporting documents relate to the sponsoring organization 

  • A passport and a resident card