Application & Procedure

All foreign nationals are required to obtain the correct Visa (which means Status of Residence) for the activities they are intending to engage in Japan.

There are 28 types of Visas in Japan and so eligibility requirements and authorized activities for them are very different.

The representative of our office is the Gyouseishoshi approved by the Immigration Bureau of Japan related to Visa and Immigration procedures.

If there is anything you are unclear of regarding Visa application or about employment of foreign nationals, please contact us anytime.

List of Visa Types

Allowed to Work
  • Diplomat

  • Official

  • Professor

  • Artist

  • Religious Activities

  • Journalist

  • Highly-Skilled Professional

  • Business Manager

  • Legal/Accounting Services

  • Medical Services

  • Researcher

  • Instructor

  • Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services

  • Intra-company Transferee

  • Entertainer

  • Nursing Care

  • Skilled Labor

  • Technical Intern Training

Not allowed to work


  • ​​​Cultural Activities

  • Temporary Visitor

  • Student

  • Trainee

  • Dependent

  • Designated Activities

any activities
are allowed

  • Permanent Resident

  • Spouse or Child of Japanese National

  • Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident

  • Long-Term Resident

Visa Application & Procedure

2. Change of Status of Residence
3. Permission for Extending Period of Stay

4. Re-entry permission