Licenses and Permits for Restaurant Business in Japan

When you are planning to open a restaurant, there are many things to prepare such as location, interior, hiring staff, menu, pricing, advertising and etc.

And to obtain appropriate licenses and permits is one of them.

1, Food Business Permission (営業許可 eigyo kyoka)

There are 34 different types of Food Business Permission in Japan.

Common cases are:

"Restaurant Business Permission"  for a restaurant and bar. 

"Confectionery Business Permission" for a bakery shop and pastry shop.

If you start Food Business without permission, you will be under sentence to maximum of 2 years' imprisonment or a fine up to 2 million yen.

This permission will be granted after screening of documents and an inspection of facility criteria to ensure the safety of food by a local public health center.

There are two main criteria:

(1) Personal criteria

It is required to have a Food Hygiene Manager (食品衛生責任者 shokuhin eisei sekininsya) for each facility to the Food Business owners.

The person need to take a Food Hygiene Manager Class for to qualify as a Food Hygiene Manager.

The class is a one day class and a tuition fee is around 10,000 yen (the tuition fee is depend on each prefectures).

(2)Facility criteria

The regulation of facility is very detailed such as : The floor and inner wall must be water-resistant materials, Hot water supply facilities must be installed, There must be more than two washing tanks etc.

So it is better to have a consultation at a local public health center whether or not your facility plan meet the regulations before construction starts.

2, Fire Protection Manager Registration (防火管理者選任届 bouka kanrisya sennintodoke)

It is required to register a Fire Protection Manager (防火管理者 bouka kanrisya)  to a local Fire Station if a restaurant or a building which the restaurant located can contain more than 30 people.

The person need to take a Fire Protection Manager Class for to qualify as a Fire Protection Manager.

There are two types of Fire Protection Manager qualification depends on a size of facilities.

The class is 1-2 days class and a tuition fee is around 5,000 yen (the tuition fee is depend on each prefectures). 

It is required to register by opening day.

Other Licenses and Permits for Food Business


  • After midnight Alcohol beverage Provide Restaurant Business Registration

A restaurant provide mainly alcohol beverage after midnight (such as a bar and izakaya) is required a registration to local Police Station by 10 days before opening.

  • Entertainment and Amusement Business